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Aquarian Age  - Piscean Age - Human Health.

Fortunately, we can turn to the ancient Vedic teachings. Here, a proven philosophy and wellness system--yoga--continues to promote healing, rejuvenation and peace of mind. Going further, we find that if we combine the latest findings of Western Science and Medicine with the age-old, proven wisdom traditions of the East, we will produce a more regenerating practice. Nadi SaktiYoga has done just that! It is a fresh, Kundalini-raising, Sakti-powered practice that, over time, can add more years of fun and active living to one's life. Better health, faster healing and an expansion of one's consciousness results. Learn to practice these principlesand teachings--watch your life begin to change!

                      NADI SAKTI YOGA           


Come, begin an incredible new journey! Enjoy this fresh, new yoga that combines the wisdom of the East with the recent, cutting-edge findings from Western science. As a practitioner of this refreshing modern yoga, you will embark on a remarkable journey that features and promotes: 

          Regenerative Health, Pranic Healing & Spiritual Evolution


Practice for Personal Development:

Practicing yoga with intention is your passport to achieving complete wellness. Applying specific knowledge found in the Vedic Teachings along with select, Eastern Energy-Medicine Traditions in combination with the new and advanced concepts recently emerging from today's biological and neurological laboratories allows the yogi to discover new dimensions in BODYWisdom, MINDPower and SPIRITUALEnergy. Dedicate yourself to a steady sadhana practice based on the principles you will learn in this unique part of the Nadi Sakti Tradition. Watch how your health improves as greater abundance comes to you and you begin to find the spiritual joy that comes from creating a Dharma-centered Life.           

  • PRANICLivingis designed to leverage the power of the yoga practice with today's Neuro-Bio Sciences to create Regenerative Yoga. Starting with the principles Pranic Healing, it raises the vibration of your auras, your bio-electric field. This eliminates those conditions that lead to disease and injury. The PRANICLiving Practitioner will learn how keeping the nadis clean and flowing provides power for the chakras which, in-turn, reduces and eradicates  maladies before they take root in one's psyche and then physiology. This cutting-edge lifestyle practice system will move you to a higher state of optimum health where regeneration is possible! Learn more aboutPRANICLiving,Today!

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a personal program for Regenerative Yoga and Happiness.