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The day-to-day practice of yoga will, in and of itself, and over time, prove to be curative in many ways. In about two years of practicing consistently, the asanas, kriyas, pranayam, and meditation will move the yogi/yogini to a place of improved health and mental-emotional balance. Primarily, the asana/vinyasa practice will, if properly applied and practice routinely, adjust the musclo-skeleton alignment. A balanced practice of yoga will produce a positive, systemic effect on the organs, the organ systems, tissues, cell metabolism, as well as glandular function. It  nourishes and strengthens the nervous system. Yogis, overall, tend to enjoy better health than the general populace as yoga promotes preventive health. 

Moving deeper into the therapeutic aspects of yoga requires specialized know- ledge and skills. When someone becomes sick or injured, what additional yogic tools can we use to help one speed up recovery? Fortunately, within the broad spectrum of yoga and ayurvedic science, there exist many treatment options.

In order to achieve more specific curative options, one must incur certain insights into the exact nature of the condition. From there a series of yogic and Ayurvedic practices will be selected that can best treat the symptoms as well as the cause. By using the healing principles of Nadi Sakti Therapeutics, you will begin to dis- cover the new, Bio-Neuro Pranic Healing methods that eliminate symptoms and that truly work to target and eliminate the root causes of manifested conditions and injuries. 

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