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Now, the Yoga Professional has a unique opportunity to counsel and guide yoga practitioners desiring optimum health, faster healing, better relationships, and the discovery of their life's purpose, or Dharma. The Nadi SaktiPRANIC LivingPrinciples lay the foundation for achieving these results.

Today, many people, including yoga practitioners, need an independent "counselor" and "partner" who can provide guidance and assistance with various aspects of one's health practices, one's career goals, one's relationships with family, friends and community. Expand your yoga teaching career by adding this new area of rewarding work. Provide your students with a yogi-centric, "life-coaching" program that promotes a solid, yogic life-style--one that includes recent, cutting-edge discoveries by modern science and medicine. Nadi Sakti Yoga will train you to become a successful PRANIC Living Coach. Some of your current students will become life-coaching clients as you add others, too.  Help them all create a comprehensive, yoga-centricLife-Practice--one that will enable them to turn their lives around sooner as they achieve the success they have desired their entire life. After becoming proficient at NS yoga-centric life-coaching, and given your educational background and the NSPRANICLivingTraining, you will then be able to expand your guidance to include "healing" clients using our advanced techniques for vibrational healing known as: Nadi Sakti TherapeuticsfeaturingBio-Neuro Pranic Healing.

An Unique Opportunity for Yoga Professionals

       The NSPRANICLiving-Practice and CoachingProgram is available for:


                                              YOGA STUDIOS

Increase revenues from your existing members base and add new ones as you expand your studio's offerings helping people. This is a greatl way to use your studio's "empty hours"  and space. Help your members get healthier, heal their physical and emotional issues, learn to develop better relationships, and guide them in discovering their dharma. It is an easy process to begin the process of adding this rewarding program that benefits both your studio and your teachers.

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     The NSPRANICLivingPracticeandCoachingProgram is available for: 



Looking for a way to grow as a professional yoga teacher? Here is a wonder- ful way to expand using your previous education and yoga training. By adding the specialized and cutting-edge knowledge of NSY and the PRANICLiving PracticeProgram, you will add income doing something you really enjoy: Helping others to grow in Body, Mind and Spirit, finding their true dharma.

There are 3 levels of training and certification in the Y4L Coaching Program.


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