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Healthy Ways To Create Great Health and Healing With Your Yoga

...supplemental items are not as effective as are claimed. Experience with these items below has convinced us of their special worth. Accordingly, we have arranged a unique partnering program with the provider, a very knowledgeable micro-biologist and naturo-pathic healer, so that we might be able to supply these high quality products to those desiring more support for their health goals. Our price points for this level of quality is unsurpassed. Order Now! 

If You are looking for a few, simple, yet POWERFUL foods to help  you reach your most optimum level of health preparation, then engage the staff of NSY to help you discover the SUPER-FOODs that are now available to you. Simply email or call us for an appointment to discuss and receive our list of foods to add or foods to avoid. Support REGENERATIVE YOGA!  Also, we are blessed to have discovered the unique items below which we are offering for the benefit of the yoga community. Many...



Frustale Clay
In Ancient times the Pharaohs and Caesars "would add the Good Earth to their wine for health and beauty
30 Day
 - 60/40 Mix Red2Gray
This unique combination of fossilized phyto-planktons in a volcanic ash and mixed with other clays will

provide a combination of minerals that is largely missing in the American Diet. Rich in Magnesium and

Silica, these clays cleanse excess minerals/toxins and help with absorption of needed minerals.  Cannister.

Camu Camu
This is a unique and high-quality mix of powdered herbs that support immune health. The special combination
30 Day
Powdered Herbal Mix
of herbs creates a formula that is 10 times stronger in anti-oxidants than Ester C.    Vacuum Pak.

Organic Spirulina
Our supplier searched globally to find the best spirilla and we are pleased to offer it. It is full of the phyto-
30-40 Days

nutrients that your body needs for balanced health. Mix in smoothies with Clay and Camu.     Vacuum Pak.

Facial Clay
Cleans your pores and helps to smooth out your skin by infusing minerals into the tissues. Spas that are trying
10 Apps
     (Skin Mask.)
this remarkable skin care product are raving about its effects! Applies quickly and rinses easily.   Small Pak