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200 & 500 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT Schools

Offered in 4 Locations in 2014: Washington DC, Nashville, Charleston SC and Birmingham AL. Drawing from over 12 years of providing National Teacher Trainings, NSY provides the practitioner and yoga student with a chance to experience transformation at both the personal and teacher levels. Flexible sessions, a fabulous curriculum  and great tuition rates offer you a unique opportunity for learning this cutting-edge yoga modality. Enroll now to reserve your seat....

NADI SAKTIYOGA:Practice, Teach, Inspire and Counsel - 

NSY combines sakti-power with special neuro-muscular techniques to form a modern yoga practice that creates optimal health and greater abundance. It integrates BODYWisdom, MINDPower and SPIRITEvolution as taught in the ancient yogic traditions with today's new cutting-edge bio-sciences. By using bio-pranic techniques that maximize the life-force energy, your asana practice will be strengthened, your meditation will grow deeper, and you will begin to rejuvenate your physiology from deep down in your core. A new health and prosperity consciousness will emerge as vitality is restored and peace-of-mind permeates your psyche and spirit. Wake up each day and look forward to new choices and opportunities. Increased happiness follows as you start practicing Nadi Sakti Yoga today!

YOGA Workshops  &  CEUs

NSYoffers special, 8-hour yoga workshops and trainings for the yoga enthusiast. These provide CEUs for those teachers needing additional AFAA and Yoga Alliance Credits. These day-long workshops focus on popular and useful topics for enhancing the yoga experience. They feature the unique concepts that form the pillars of the Nadi Sakti Yoga Practice. As cutting-edge neuro and bio-science research continues to validate many of the teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions, NSY is pleased to offer this special know-how to the yoga community with these dynamic and empowering, day-long workshops. Enhance your practice. Come Join Us, Today!

IN-SYNC Livingis a dynamic yogic system for creating

your best life ever going forward. Enjoy it yourself and use it to help others to discover their dharma and achieve their life-goals. This system helps the yoga professional increase their personal income, too. It extends the asana, pranayama and meditation practice in ways that create a deeper Body-Mind-Spirit Paradigm.

People come to yoga today to do more than stretch. They want to change their lives. They want to find meaning in their stress-out lives as they evolve spiritually, too. They begin coming to class where we connect with them briefly each week as they move their bodies through a few poses. We give them a few "feel-good nuggets" to take home. Yet, they hunger for more. As a trained yoga professional, you can now help them more if you have a system that allows you to put your wonderful knowledge, skills and training to better use. Share this new and inspiring, life changing practice system and go beyond what you think is possible. Learn, coach and inspire others to find and connect to their inner-sanctum, their Namaste'. 

   Muscle Power Creates Great Poses, Shakti Know-how Creates Great Yoga!

YOGASTEPSTM  National Teacher Certifications  presents-

Using prana, shakti, chakra-energy and the nadis to create regenerative health & holistic healing!